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Knowledge Marketing first requires content so this will help you with the first step!

The truth is that you have volumes of information to share, it is hard to know where to start and how to find time to post, comment, and spend time managing those relationships, right? We get it!

Blogs are great for content marketing because they share knowledge with your ideal client and set you as the industry leader on the topic. They are great for SEO Search Engine Optimization means the search engines are more likely to match your website to the people who are searching for your services.  They also help you to create great social media posts which attract your ideal clients AND they provide perfect content for your eNewsletters.  People want your knowledge, this process will help you to turn this knowledge into sales.


First, let’s organize your thoughts.

Start at the beginning. Pretend you are sitting with a childhood friend, and you are meeting for coffee because that person needs your knowledge and expertise. Open up a new document or grab your favorite pen and tablet.  Clear your mind, remove yourself from distractions, and make sure you have at least 30 minutes available so you are not rushed.  Take a deep breath and let's begin.

A solid outline will set you on a path for success. It may take a few tries but break down your knowledge into simple steps. Remember, you are with your friend who needs your help.  Give that person bite sized pieces of information.  

At this point, your outline will contain only "headlines". Nothing fancy, just a few words on that first step, second step, third step, etc.....


  1. What would you tell your friend to do first to correct his/her challenge? Write this first step down on your paper, it's going to turn into your first blog article.
  2. What is the second step for fixing that person’s challenge?  Write this step down on your paper, it's going to turn into your second blog article. If you follow along with this campaign, we are going to take you through each step of this process. Contact me if you want to join the group who is participating.
  3. What does the person need to obtain/collect/think about in order to improve their situation? Guess, what...this is another blog.


Keep going with bite sized pieces of information that will help your friend solve their problem.  Again, it is best if you create the initial headlines for these articles first.  We will fill in all of the other details next.

Then, list 1 or 2 bullets of information (that pertains to this action) just so you can get this off your brain and easily move to the next tip you would share.   

With most industries or services, people can brain dump at least 12 topics of conversation or knowledge. 12 is a great place to start because that means you can create 12 blog posts which is 1 / month. The industry suggests that you do a blog PER WEEK but that is way too much for a beginner to manage. Let’s start with one blog per month. That blog can break down into numerous social posts so you will get a big bang for your effort.  Use words your friend will understand.   Remember, that person will not know your industry acronyms so just use real and simple words.