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Once we have your strategy created, we will determine the best set of tools to help reach your goals.

Built with you in mind

Your time is limited and you are focused on getting results.  We've got you.

Our goal is to set up your systems, processes, and best practices for attracting YOUR ideal clients and turning them into paying customers.  We believe in 100% transparency.  So, after your system is working like a fine tuned money making machine, we can continue to manage this for you or teach your team how to do it.

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Get started quickly

When you partner with us, here's what you can expect:

 Rapid Onboarding:

Begin transforming your business swiftly as we expedite the strategy and onboarding process within two weeks of our initial meeting

 Tailored Strategy Development:

Benefit from a personalized approach as we ask targeted questions, understand your goals, and review your existing systems to craft the most effective path forward.

Flexible & Custom Solutions:

Enjoy customized solutions that either enhance your current systems with strategic additions or revamp your approach with new, innovative systems, depending on your specific needs.

Your Sales Pipeline

You will have access to a full set of skills and knowledge of our team's PR and campaign abilities. Some of our favorite attraction campaigns are listed below.

Once we have the attention of your ideal clients, we gently walk them through your sales funnel until they become a client or make the donation, if you are a non-profit.

Our Lead Magnets:

  • PR Campaign
  • Community & Media Attention
  • Digital Lead Pages
  • Digital Ads
  • SEO - Making sure your website is located when they are searching for your products and services.
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Event PR & Management
  • All leads flowing into your CRM for Relationship Building & Closing the sales.
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Plus even more strategies & activities to help you grow your business.

You will have a full-service team at your fingertips, dedicated to fostering your business growth—all at a cost often lower than hiring a full-time employee.


  • Capital Campaigns

    Working to secure dollars to fund a specific project, we have worked on several capital campaigns with much success.

  • Graphic Design

    Our team provides full service graphic design and print projects.

  • Event Management

    Events are one of the best ways to generate excitement for your brand. There are numerous PR activities that help promote the occasion and turning that attention into sales or donations is our one of our favorite strategies.

  • Creative Campaigns

    If your team is seeking a creative way to get in front of your ideal client, we can develop your strategy with or for you.  We will determine the best ideas that will generate sales and donations. Cause Marketing is another one of our favorite strategies to attract attention. Then, we gently walk your potential clients through your nurturing funnel until they become a paying customer.

  • Speaking Engagements

    One of the best ways to gain attention is to share knowledge and participating in a speaking event. We can build your stage as a speaker, get you onto other people's stages, and follow-up on all of the leads generated from that experience.

  • Digital Marketing

    Using social media, blogging, SEO, Ads, and creative campaigns is a strategy that works extremely well in gaining new clients. These are also fun for us and will be for your team as well.

It all starts with a simple conversation

 Having a human to human conversation works best so let's talk to determine if we are a great fit.